In the event that you need replacement glass for any type of door or window, Hobson Window Inc., can help. Besides providing sales and installation of top quality windows and doors, we also have the expertise required to repair any broken glass situation be it a door or window. We stock many different types of glass for a variety of applications making it possible for us to handle emergencies that need to be addressed ASAP. We also stock and install all sizes of Lexan and Plexiglass.

Window Glass

Hobson window can service all of your glass needs such as the repair of:
Seal failure: Moisture builds between dual or triple pane glass units causing fogging or condensation.
Stress cracks: If a customer has a dual or triple pane glass unit, a crack can develop on one or more services which will lead lead to further condensation and fogging.
Broken or distorted glass: We can match any of your existing glass to make your repair look like new.
Low-E coated glass: Hobson Window can replace and match any of your existing low coated glass providing UV protection for your home or business.

Door Glass

Commercial and residential doors come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, and in many cases, the door glass can also be of a special type and shape. Not to worry. Hobson Window, Inc., can repair any broken door glass from a simple framed pane to full size glass doors and everything in between. This includes smoked glass, wire reinforced glass, sliding door glass, storm door glass and more. All door glass should be tempered or laminated. Hobson Window, Inc., can provide you with tempered or laminated for your safety and security. Just as window glass needs to be repaired as soon as possible, so does door glass for the same reasons. Safety, heating and cooling costs, pets and pests, and security are all reasons to call Hobson Window to have it fixed ASAP.

Mirrors: Custom mirror installation and repair services are also available and we can install any type of mirror in a variety of thicknesses. We provide on-site fabrication, cutting, and polishing. Shaped or beveled mirrors can also be ordered and installed. Antique mirrors are also available.